Monday, November 8, 2010

Letter R (Part 1)

This week we did the Letter R. Our topic was R is for Rabbit (& we also included an R is for Rooster craft).
We also spoke about 'Feelings' & what they are.

For 'R is for Rabbit', we had grand plans to read through a number of books (The Little Rabbit, The Velveteen Rabbit, Guess How Much I Love You & Peter Rabbit). BUT a new baby goat was born next door, so our plans were narrowed down to make room for spending time and observing the new baby kid. 

We started the week reading the book, The Little Rabbit.

Anatomy of a Rabbit
We spoke about the different parts of a rabbit - the long ears, pink nose, eyes (on the sides of the head, not the front) & legs (back legs are longer then the front legs).

Role Play
I put on some fun bouncing music & Seychelle dressed up like a bunny with some bunny ears from the dress up box.  She then played the part of a Rabbit, bouncing around all over the room & mimicking the different movements a Rabbit does: Nose twitching, sitting upright with her hands like a rabbits' & moving her head from side to side inquisitively. She had lots of fun with this!

We did a few Rabbit crafts this week.

This craft was really easy. We used paper plates. Seychelle painted 2 plates with the colour grey/purple. I then outlined the shapes for her to cut (The 2 ears, 2 legs, head & body). I also cut out 2 eyes & a nose (she painted black) & a small rectangle for the teeth (with a black line).

For the ears - Seychelle scrunched up pink crepe paper for the inner ears.
For the body - Seychelle stuck on what she calls 'cloud', also known as filler :)

The we glued all the parts together to make the rabbit craft complete.

For our second Rabbit craft - I drew the shape of a rabbit on to a piece of paper for Seychelle to paint. She wanted to paint it blue. After the paint had dried Seychelle tore off pieces of blue crepe & stuck these on the main ears & legs. Then she used pink crepe scrunched up for the inner ears.  She was super keen on the 'cloud' & wanted to use it again for the head and body. Seychelle then chose a large white pom pom for the tail & a small white pom pom for the nose. I drew and outline of the eyes, which she cut out (black and white paper) & I helped her with the mouth - this was too tricky for her to do.

She LOVED her rabbit crafts this week & they were super easy to do.

The second book we read was 'Guess How Much I love You'. Seychelle loves this book. We spoke about distances and measurements in a very simple way. We looked at:  How far she could extend her arms, versus how far I could extend mine; What distance would be the furtherest we could walk from our house; and what is the furtherest point we could see from our house.