Monday, October 18, 2010


Bible is the most important part of our day. In fact Bible (God's Truth) is knitted into every part of homeschooling journey.

The first part of our day is reading from a Bible a chapter. We then discuss what we learnt, Seychelle will recap to me the main events and characters. We then discuss how we can apply it to our life. When we read from the Bible we will make use of many resources to help examine the chapter more deeply.  We then find the corresonding story in our devotional book. We read through the devotion, learn the Bible verse & end with prayer.

The resources we us are:
1 - A Bible
2 - The Wonder Devotional Book (Early Readers)
3 - The Illustrated Bible Dictionary
4 - Roses Bible Charts/Pamplets

We use a number of different Bibles. Each day we read the same story from a different Bible. These are not just any Bibles, but incredible Bibles tailored for children that have stood the test of time, classics.

Monday     - The Children's Bible (Hamlyn)

Tuesday     - The Child's Story Bible (Vos)

Wedesday - The Jesus Storybook Bible (Lloyd-Jones)

Thursday    - Hurlbut's Story of the Bible

Friday        - pick the most memorable

Each of these Bibles tells the stories in exciting different ways. The Child's Story Bible (Vos) & Hurlbut's Story of the Bible tell the Bible in a delightful story/narrative. Each is absolutely beautiful.

For example this week so far we have read the story of Moses. Each Bible has its own way of telling the story of Moses, and each includes details about the story that the offer hasn't. Children also respond well to narrative type storytelling. Each day we have snuggle time on the couch reading God's Word & every day Seychelle get excited about this time we have together.

The Jesus Storybook Bible is more simple & tailored specifically for younger children. I love this Bible as, like the subtitle, this Bible literally whispers the name of Christ in each story. Every story has a mention of how Jesus is interwined into it & how He came to save us from our sins by dying on the cross.  This Bible comes with audio CD, so we also enjoy playing that during lunch or another quiet time in the day.

For added extras:
 - We listen to audio Bible stories for kids
 - We use Betty Lukens felts to play and act out the stories
 - We also have a few Bible figurines that we use to act out and play the stories.
 - Next year for K homeschooling I plan to also use the Abeka Bible flash-a-cards. These are big poster
   size pictures from every Bible story you can think of.

Each of these added extras really helps for greater understanding and remembering of Bible truths.