Saturday, October 23, 2010


Maths in our homeschool is very informal and lots of fun!

We use different books, tools and games.

I have a bright and colourful  1-20 number line on the wall. Everyday Seychelle will count the numbers from 1-20 & then I will point to various numbers in the range and get her to tell what number it is.
 - next to this I have a 1-100 chart on the wall as well.


We also play Snakes & Ladders together a few times a week. I find this really helpful for Seychelle with the introduction of the numbers up to 100.  She is now able to recognise & know in a general sense her numbers up to 100. (Counting up to 100 is not something needed to achieve at her age, it is an objective for Year 1/New Entrants or K (USA)).

Other things we use are:

Educo's Find & Count - this is a learning game that Seychelle can play independantly.
It is a game of counting, matching and checking.

Spotty Dogs - by Orchard Toys

Match & Count - by Orchard Toys

Easy-Learn Maths - Kinder B by Frank & Valerie Marett
This book gives Seychelle practice in writing and counting numbers 11-20, shapes, patterns, beginning adding and subtraction, 2D, 3D, symmetry, money etc.

No Nonsense Number - activities to support the teaching of number knowledge, addition and subtraction (Emergent Level) by Suzi de Gouveia


Galaxy Kids Maths - Magenta Level by Sunshine Books (NZ)
These books are fantastic. They are short easy readers (about vaying maths concepts) that come with a Teacher's guide, kind of like guided reading with activities and questions you can ask your child.

Let's Explore Numbers: Games for Developing Early Numeracy by Rose O'Connor-Neilsen

Recently we joined up for a 1 subscription to Mathletic - this is a computer program that has heaps of maths problems suitable for years Kindergarten - Year 12.  Seychelle works through maths problems suitable for her age and level. Not only is she learning maths but also computer skills like using a mouse etc.

We also use tools like counting bears, balance, count and see & place value games.