Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Letter P

This week's letter is P. Our topics were both Pineapples & Pigs.  Both are really great topics for us living in Rarotonga. Our neighbour grows pineapples & we are surrounded by pigs.

Our pineapple craft has been my personal favourite this year so far. It is really bright & colourful and easy to do.


This was a very easy craft. We drew an outline of a pineapple on the paper. Then we used polystyrene fillers, painted them orange, yellow and a light orange. We then used cardboard for the the leaves. Seychelle & I made one pineapple together & then she did one all on her own!

We are able to visit the pineapple plantation next door regularly. It is fascinating to actually see how pineapples grow.  Pineapple season starts in December & you only get one crop per year.

For the latter half of the week we did P for Pigs.

We used the audio book of the Three Little Pigs, listening to the story & also reading the story that came with the CD.

Rarotonga has pig farming at literally every street corner. We have 3 within a 200m radius & at least 100 within a 1km radius.  Over the last 2 years we have had plenty of personal experiences with pigs. Often we will collect our food scraps and walk down to the pigs to feed them. This is a good way to dispose of our waste.


This week we did lots of pig crafts.

This pig was made using 2 juice caps/lids. We painted those pink & stuck them together. We painted 2 white eyes with black dots & stuck a pink button for the nose. For the tail and ears we used pink pipe cleaners.


This was our paper plate pig craft. We used 2 dinner plate size paper plates. With one of the plates we cut out a smaller circle. We painted them pink and also used a section of an egg carton for the nose.  Then we used pink paper with suitable shapes for the legs & ears & a pink pipe cleaner for the tail.

This little piggy was a much more difficult craft and suitable for an older age group (so I did lots of the work for this one). We used 2 small polystyrene balls & used a toothpick to stick them together. We used a pink button for the nose & 2 tiny lids (painted pink) for the ears. The legs were made out of 2 small polystyrene balls, I used a kitchen knife to slowly cut out small rectangle shapes. The eyes were made with a black marker.


This is picture of a pig that Seychelle drew and coloured in with felt pens.


Every week I usually print off a number of colouring in pages that I find on google. Seychelle is learning to colour in within the lines. She did such a great job with that this that I wanted to include them in this week's blog!

Our Personal Experiences with Pigs in the Neighbourhood.

This pig had been wandering around our property for weeks and apparently did not belong to any of the neighbours, so we decided to catch him. This was our make shift pig pen. Within an hour we had someone pick him up to take him away. Free pigs don't last long here.

 This is dear Mama piggy. She lived next to us by a stream. This is one of the times she escaped. She was quite tame and really enjoyed a scratch.

This is a pig that lives near us. This pig is by far the most pampered pig in Rarotonga. Her owners were very kind & filled her mud bath everyday.