Saturday, November 13, 2010

Glorious times with Goats

This week has been simply beautiful! A picture is worth a thousand words...

Summer has arrived, which means hot & sticky days :)  We have spent hours and hours outside everyday playing with the babies from next door. We were privileged to have Lulu & Sonny Boy stationed right up on our property, where we could easily play with them & also see them from our deck. 

The triplets seem to love "hanging out" with Lulu & Sonny & often try to take over Lulu's house during the hottest part of the day.

Pax & Edward having family time with the new baby
"Mum, they've taken over our house!"

It has just been too wonderful for words to watch all the babies playing on our lawn. Sonny Boy has stolen all of our hearts! Even Nick who is very reserved *adores* Sonny Boy & shares many cuddles with him.

Sonny Boy is finally looking like a healthy goat. He is a week and half old now & looks more like a new born kid. We have "given" him Seychelle's old clam baby pool, turned it upside down & this is now Sonny's playground to dance and jump about on. He is full of energy and runs all over the place & tries to keep up with the big boys (the triplets).


When the triplets were born 3 months ago, we thought we had won the jackpot with Pax.  Pax was the only kid we have had contact with that would willingly jump into your lap on his own! We were so priviledged with Pax & never expected to have so many wonderful cuddles with another goat. But we spoke too soon! Sonny Boy is even more cuddly. Right from the start he has been jumping into our laps and arms all on his own. He is an absolute joy & we just love this little guy!