Monday, November 8, 2010

Letter R (Part 3)

To complete our fun week with the Letter R, Seychelle had some free time to do painting & we made some more Rabbit crafts, including one of a Rooster. Living in the Rarotonga we are completely surrounded by roosters, so it felt simply unfair to exclude them in this week's crafts.

So....we had great fun making a rooster too!


The idea for this craft comes from a book called, Easy Crafts for Kids.
We used 2 paper plates, red & yellow felt pens, bright coloured feathers, glue & a popsicle stick.

Seychelle cut one of the paper plates in half. Then I drew the outline of the body and face of the rooster. Seychelle cut this out and coloured appopriately with red & yellow pens. I helped her stick the body together & then she had a ball choosing & gluing bright coloured feathers onto the rooster's body!
The popsicle stick gets glued on at the end. She was very pleased with her rooster!

Seychelle enjoyed "free" painting & decided to paint a few Rabbits!

This was the final craft of the week. We used: A Plastic Egg; Black Pipe Cleaner, Paper Plate; Goggly Eyes; Pink, Black & White Paper.

Seychelle painted the egg red. She then cut out the shapes of the ears, which I had outlined in pen. She also painted the outer ear red. The inner pink ears (pink paper) were glued on later. She cut two circles joined as the cheeks with a black nose (paper) & a white square with a black line down the middle for teeth. Then we glued the eyes & the black pipe cleaner (I always help out with gluing these smaller finicky type crafts)