Friday, December 10, 2010

N is for Night - Part 3

N is for Night -  Part 3

A Tropical Beach Night Scene.

                                                     (1) Tropical Night Scene

                                                        (2) (Mosaic Tropical Art)


This art/craft was my personal favourite of the week :)
It thrilled me to be able to include a bit of the Cook Islands in this week's art.
This piece of art shows what a stereotypical night scene on one of our beaches looks like. We were inspired after reading the book, 'A Quiet Night' by Johnny Hebenstreit.

We used 3 different coloured paper for the base/background.
Black for the sky 1/3
Dark blue for the water 1/3
A4 sized plain black paper for the beach/sand (later real sand is used)

Seychelle did more splatter painting (white paint flicked from a stiff paint brush) onto the black paper, then glued on the top 1/3 of the pain a4 black paper.

The dark blue 1/3 was glued below the night sky.

Quick visit to the beach...sand glued onto the bottom 1/3.

Using brown paper, Seychelle tore a few small rectangles to make the palm trunk. Green pieces of paper, torn into strips made up the fronds.

Seychelle painted the moon white and added, once dry, some brush strokes of yellow.

I then modelled to her how to use white paint as the reflection of the moon on the lagoon (she was not able to do this at this age yet).

Seychelle gluing on her strips of paper for the tropical scene. As you can see in the photo above, Seychelle is copying from an already completed model I made up on the Sunday night when preparing for the week's art.

You can also see her pieces of green paper and brown paper, ready to stick on for the palm tree.

Seychelle gluing and adding the sand.

Carefully adding the sand bit by bit.


The inspiration from 'A quiet night' by J Hebenstreit......the inspiration........the transformation.


Another similar mosaic type artwork she did this was this: