Tuesday, December 7, 2010

N is for Night - Part 2

N is for Night - Part 2

This art picture, which is a mixture of painting & collage work, was inspired after reading the book,
'Animals, Animals' by Eric Carle.  The little owls were made separately & stuck on at the end. They were fun and great for practising shapes. The owl's head is a heart, body is an oval & its feet is a diamond shape.

I outlined the basic shape of the tree & Seychelle painted the background night sky.
A darker blue at the top & a lighter dark blue at the bottom of the page.

Seychelle then painted the trunk & branches of the tree.

I had prepared already 3 different coloured green papers. These were to be the leaves. Seychelle tore the paper I gave her into small pieces (as above), then she glued these pieces onto the tree.

Eric Carles' Owls from 'Animals, Animals'....the inspiration....then the transformation.